What types of toppers are there?

With mattress decouplers, there are clear differences, whereby above all the inside, speak the core of the Toppers, individually should be selected. Your individual sleeping needs are of great interest. Exactly, for this reason, the four most important types of toppers or the materials used for this purpose are described in more detail below.

Mattress pad made of cold foam

Cold foam mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses today. This can be attributed to the fact that most people get along well with the properties of such a mattress: it offers good point elasticity and is also suitable for people who move frequently or sweat a lot during their sleep. It brings with it a reliable supporting force and exactly these properties can also be transferred to a cold foam topper. The cold foam topper is also very breathable and ensures a good moisture balance. In addition, cold foam toppers prove to be very durable.

Mattress topper made of visco foam

A Visco Topper is especially suitable for those who like to sleep softly. The Visco Topper is a mattress topper with a visco foam core. This foam has many different properties that can bring maximum comfort to the sleeping person. The foam is elastic, which results in an increased sinking of the body. This results in a kind of floating feeling, which is perceived by many people as relieving and pleasant. That’s why many people with back problems like to use a Visco Topper. These toppers are also frequently used in the clinic and rehabilitation area. Another important characteristic of visco foam is its ability to react to heat. If you are looking for how long do beds last, check out our website.

Mattress pads made of Geltec:

Geltec is the ideal alternative for people who like to sleep softly but are also sensitive to heat. Visco Topper is only partially suitable in this case because they absorb body heat and store strongly. GelTec toppers, on the other hand, store the heat much less and are therefore much better suited for people who like to sleep cool. In addition, Topper with GelTec core presented as very soft and soft, whereby a maximum comfortable feeling is caused.