What else should be considered when buying a mattress?

A mattress is usually not an item that is purchased multiple times in a very short time but should ideally last for several years. For this to be possible, adequate care, as well as good ventilation of the mattress, is necessary. Apart from these external influencing factors, the longevity of a mattress is always characterized by different quality influences.

The volume weight, the compression hardness, the core height, the mattress cover, and the health properties decide how long you will be satisfied with your mattress. So that you can have a better comparison option at the next mattress purchase and, if you wish, you can also carry out a Visco mattress test, we will clarify the following for you about the most important terms when purchasing a mattress.


The volumetric weight is given in the unit of measure RG and clarifies how much material of the elemental raw material has been processed in the production of the mattress. The higher the RG value, the better.

Compressive strength

The compression hardness informs about the hardness of the mattress and how fast the mattress adapts when changing the lying position. Accordingly, Visco mattresses have a correspondingly lower compressive strength compared to spring mattresses.

Core height

The core height of a mattress clarifies the height of the foam core, which is integrated inside the mattress. The amount of foam affects the degree of hardness of the core and may result in either too low or too low sinking.

Mattress cover

The mattress cover of a high-quality mattress should be washable and pollutant-free in the ideal case. This is especially true for households where children, old people or allergy sufferers sleep. For our mattresses, we use terry or lyocell covers.

Health features

The foams used for our mattresses are 100% pollutant-free and have passed the examination without any complaints. You should pay attention to this when buying your mattress, to allow yourself a healthy sleep.We hope that everything will be understood as knowing above. You can also see memory foam mattress probems.