Covers of natural mattresses

A mattress cover consists of the outer fabric (usually made of cotton), which is woven with the fine padding of a mattress. This fine cushion is a thin layer between the actual core of the mattress and the outer fabric.

In natural mattresses, the fine cushions are made of natural materials, which at the same time often also have a health-promoting effect. For example, horsehair and sheep’s wool, or – in special natural mattresses – also willow bark, stone pine or kapok are used.

Horsehair and sheep’s wool in relation

What has been proven in nature for thousands of years, is still good for people today. Horsehair and sheep’s wool are among the materials that have always been used to upholster sleep places.

Horsehair incorporated in the cover ensures a long-lasting elasticity of the mattress. A horsehair mattress is also very breathable and can absorb moisture well – so it is very pleasant especially in the summer in bed.

A cover with sheep wool is very soft and should have a warming effect.

In addition, the new wool can absorb our sweat optimally, so that a feeling of moisture through sweating is avoided.

In some references, usually in conjunction with sheep’s wool, a willow bark granules incorporated. Willow bark extract contains anti-inflammatory salicylic acid and has an analgesic effect. It is known for its preventive effects against rheumatic diseases and is also used in migraine therapy. Find outwhat kind of mattress is good for lower back pain

In some mattresses also flakes of the noble tree species pine are incorporated together with sheep’s wool in the cover – a must for those who love the smell of pine wood. In addition, the stone pine to increase the ability to regenerate, reduce weather sensitivity and ensure a smooth heart rhythm.

Do you know Kapok? Sometimes that is in the covers of natural mattresses. It is also referred to as “plant down” and derived from the fibers of the fruits of the tropical kapok tree. The properties are similar to those of the real down: It is very soft and ensures a natural heat and moisture regulation. In addition, the kapok cover of the mattress gives high breathability and is washable at 60 degrees – very good to keep the mites in bed in check.