Advantages of a waterbed and stabilization:

When a waterbed?

A waterbed is really more than a sack of water. The water mattress is a solid, resilient vinyl coat that is very sturdy. Inside are a number of stabilization layers that prevent the bed from clapping or swaying. It’s best compared to a sponge that keeps the body of water in place.

Sleeping on the water makes for a wonderfully relaxed feeling. The body of water “carries” your body weight, giving you a floating feeling. At the same time, the even distribution ensures that you do not have problems with pressure points on the shoulders or hips.

You are a restless sleeper, someone who falls asleep or frostbite? Then a waterbed is just right for you. Really you should buy mattress from most trusted online mattress store.

Advantages of a waterbed

A waterbed has even more advantages than a gel bed. In short: plenty of sleeping comfort thanks to stabilization layers, a natural sleeping position, a consistently pleasant temperature, natural relaxation, deeper sleep, and less turning.

Here are the 10 most important advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for medical problems thanks to good conformity
  • Optimum support of body contours
  • No pressure points
  • Constant temperature
  • Deep, quiet sleep without much turning and rolling
  • A floating, relaxed feeling
  • Fully adjustable to your liking
  • Very hygienic
  • Easy care
  • Longer life than other mattresses

The difference between a waterbed and a gel bed

Both a water bed and a gel bed provide a lot of comforts. Both beds adapt to the body contours, which ensures a wonderfully relaxed night’s sleep. But what is the difference between these two beds?

The stabilization.

In order to prevent a waterbed from slapping, stabilization layers are used in the water mattress, which holds the body of water in a place like a kind of sponge.

In a gel mattress, in contrast, the stabilizing layers are replaced by the gel. A gel mattress provides the comfort of memory foam, but has fewer (medical) benefits than a waterbed and is more difficult to match to your personal preferences.