A mattress cover consists of the outer fabric (usually made of cotton), which is woven with the fine padding of a mattress. This fine cushion is a thin layer between the actual core of the mattress and the outer fabric.

In natural mattresses, the fine cushions are made of natural materials, which at the same time often also have a health-promoting effect. For example, horsehair and sheep’s wool, or – in special natural mattresses – also willow bark, stone pine or kapok are used.

Horsehair and sheep’s wool in relation

What has been proven in nature for thousands of years, is still good for people today. Horsehair and sheep’s wool are among the materials that have always been used to upholster sleep places.

Horsehair incorporated in the cover ensures a long-lasting elasticity of the mattress. A horsehair mattress is also very breathable and can absorb moisture well – so it is very pleasant especially in the summer in bed.

A cover with sheep wool is very soft and should have a warming effect.

In addition, the new wool can absorb our sweat optimally, so that a feeling of moisture through sweating is avoided.

In some references, usually in conjunction with sheep’s wool, a willow bark granules incorporated. Willow bark extract contains anti-inflammatory salicylic acid and has an analgesic effect. It is known for its preventive effects against rheumatic diseases and is also used in migraine therapy. Find outwhat kind of mattress is good for lower back pain

In some mattresses also flakes of the noble tree species pine are incorporated together with sheep’s wool in the cover – a must for those who love the smell of pine wood. In addition, the stone pine to increase the ability to regenerate, reduce weather sensitivity and ensure a smooth heart rhythm.

Do you know Kapok? Sometimes that is in the covers of natural mattresses. It is also referred to as “plant down” and derived from the fibers of the fruits of the tropical kapok tree. The properties are similar to those of the real down: It is very soft and ensures a natural heat and moisture regulation. In addition, the kapok cover of the mattress gives high breathability and is washable at 60 degrees – very good to keep the mites in bed in check.

When a waterbed?

A waterbed is really more than a sack of water. The water mattress is a solid, resilient vinyl coat that is very sturdy. Inside are a number of stabilization layers that prevent the bed from clapping or swaying. It’s best compared to a sponge that keeps the body of water in place.

Sleeping on the water makes for a wonderfully relaxed feeling. The body of water “carries” your body weight, giving you a floating feeling. At the same time, the even distribution ensures that you do not have problems with pressure points on the shoulders or hips.

You are a restless sleeper, someone who falls asleep or frostbite? Then a waterbed is just right for you. Really you should buy mattress from most trusted online mattress store.

Advantages of a waterbed

A waterbed has even more advantages than a gel bed. In short: plenty of sleeping comfort thanks to stabilization layers, a natural sleeping position, a consistently pleasant temperature, natural relaxation, deeper sleep, and less turning.

Here are the 10 most important advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for medical problems thanks to good conformity
  • Optimum support of body contours
  • No pressure points
  • Constant temperature
  • Deep, quiet sleep without much turning and rolling
  • A floating, relaxed feeling
  • Fully adjustable to your liking
  • Very hygienic
  • Easy care
  • Longer life than other mattresses

The difference between a waterbed and a gel bed

Both a water bed and a gel bed provide a lot of comforts. Both beds adapt to the body contours, which ensures a wonderfully relaxed night’s sleep. But what is the difference between these two beds?

The stabilization.

In order to prevent a waterbed from slapping, stabilization layers are used in the water mattress, which holds the body of water in a place like a kind of sponge.

In a gel mattress, in contrast, the stabilizing layers are replaced by the gel. A gel mattress provides the comfort of memory foam, but has fewer (medical) benefits than a waterbed and is more difficult to match to your personal preferences.

A mattress is usually not an item that is purchased multiple times in a very short time but should ideally last for several years. For this to be possible, adequate care, as well as good ventilation of the mattress, is necessary. Apart from these external influencing factors, the longevity of a mattress is always characterized by different quality influences.

The volume weight, the compression hardness, the core height, the mattress cover, and the health properties decide how long you will be satisfied with your mattress. So that you can have a better comparison option at the next mattress purchase and, if you wish, you can also carry out a Visco mattress test, we will clarify the following for you about the most important terms when purchasing a mattress.


The volumetric weight is given in the unit of measure RG and clarifies how much material of the elemental raw material has been processed in the production of the mattress. The higher the RG value, the better.

Compressive strength

The compression hardness informs about the hardness of the mattress and how fast the mattress adapts when changing the lying position. Accordingly, Visco mattresses have a correspondingly lower compressive strength compared to spring mattresses.

Core height

The core height of a mattress clarifies the height of the foam core, which is integrated inside the mattress. The amount of foam affects the degree of hardness of the core and may result in either too low or too low sinking.

Mattress cover

The mattress cover of a high-quality mattress should be washable and pollutant-free in the ideal case. This is especially true for households where children, old people or allergy sufferers sleep. For our mattresses, we use terry or lyocell covers.

Health features

The foams used for our mattresses are 100% pollutant-free and have passed the examination without any complaints. You should pay attention to this when buying your mattress, to allow yourself a healthy sleep.We hope that everything will be understood as knowing above. You can also see memory foam mattress probems.

With mattress decouplers, there are clear differences, whereby above all the inside, speak the core of the Toppers, individually should be selected. Your individual sleeping needs are of great interest. Exactly, for this reason, the four most important types of toppers or the materials used for this purpose are described in more detail below.

Mattress pad made of cold foam

Cold foam mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses today. This can be attributed to the fact that most people get along well with the properties of such a mattress: it offers good point elasticity and is also suitable for people who move frequently or sweat a lot during their sleep. It brings with it a reliable supporting force and exactly these properties can also be transferred to a cold foam topper. The cold foam topper is also very breathable and ensures a good moisture balance. In addition, cold foam toppers prove to be very durable.

Mattress topper made of visco foam

A Visco Topper is especially suitable for those who like to sleep softly. The Visco Topper is a mattress topper with a visco foam core. This foam has many different properties that can bring maximum comfort to the sleeping person. The foam is elastic, which results in an increased sinking of the body. This results in a kind of floating feeling, which is perceived by many people as relieving and pleasant. That’s why many people with back problems like to use a Visco Topper. These toppers are also frequently used in the clinic and rehabilitation area. Another important characteristic of visco foam is its ability to react to heat. If you are looking for how long do beds last, check out our website.

Mattress pads made of Geltec:

Geltec is the ideal alternative for people who like to sleep softly but are also sensitive to heat. Visco Topper is only partially suitable in this case because they absorb body heat and store strongly. GelTec toppers, on the other hand, store the heat much less and are therefore much better suited for people who like to sleep cool. In addition, Topper with GelTec core presented as very soft and soft, whereby a maximum comfortable feeling is caused.

Whether you buy mattresses online or offline, you must always adhere to certain parameters that are critically important for heavier people. Not all kind of mattresses is suitable for heavy people. A variety of functionality and designs are needed that a mattress should possess in order to deliver an optimal sleeping experience for heavier and overweight people. Such type of mattresses is referred to as the best mattress for heavy people.

We are providing a basic guide for appropriate mattresses needed by heavy people. The entire guide is for sleepers weighing above 200 pounds. As a heavy person, you must consider the following factors and attributes while buying a mattress:

Ø    Mattress Thickness:

For heavy sleepers above 200 pounds, a mattress must have a thickness of about 12 inches or more. Heavy people usually create a larger amount of pressure on the mattresses which the thinner mattresses fail to withstand. However, certain 10-inch mattresses possessing advanced foam and an additional thick comfort layer enhances deep compression support that makes them suitable for heavy people.

Ø    Firmness:

The level of firmness is determined based on the type of sleeper you are. Majority of the heavier people prefers mattress having medium to medium-firm side. Weight is a critical parameter to evaluate the correct firmness of the mattress suitable for you. Scientifically, the heavier you are the deeper and more pronounced sag you will experience. Usually, if you are above 250 pounds and additional shrinkage of 1-2 inches will be experienced by you.

Ø    Edge Support provided:

In order to ensure the best mattress for heavy people, you must consider edge support as well. The entire mattress is rarely used in the day-hours, we mostly do our works while sitting or lying at the edge of the beds. This may lead to shrinkage or sagging of the mattress edges. Hence, it is recommendable for heavy people to buy mattresses with strong edge support. Generally, mattresses manufactured from springs, coil-on-coil mechanisms or hybrid designs offer best edge support.

Besides, to solve the “sleeping hot” issue in case of heavier people, innerspring or hybrid mattresses are usually used to keep the mattresses cool.

There are people that are using old mattresses for their sleep. This is not fair. They are playing with their health because it is the mattress that is very important for having the best form of health. After long hours of work the body always needs rest. If the proper rest is taken then only it is possible to have reenergized and start doing any other work. There are people that are facing neck pain, back pain, and many people are having the problem like snoring during their sleep. Snoring is not good because it is the breathing that one needs do not get properly during the sleep. All that happens is due to the mattress that is not the perfect match according to the body. So remove the old mattress and take home the mattress that is a new revolutionary mattress.

If you are thinking of buying the mattress that can help you have the perfect sleep then you are able to go for the best budget mattress. There are sites that are showing the best returns for your mattress. Online you have all types of best mattresses available. If you lie to have one for you then you can search for the a good deal on a mattress that is memory foam mattresses. There are the one that is having the total solution for comfortable sleep and perfect rest to every part of the human body in any position. Memory foam mattresses have proved to best the best because they are durable, reliable, and comfortable and are coming under the budget of anyone.

It is memory foam mattresses that will provide the best experience of sleep. All the hard work that your body is doing in the day or in the night time, such mattress has proven millions of people to have the best type of comfort to their body. There are many reliable sites that are providing you the offer of having free trial of such great sleeping mattress. It is best type of offer that you have from reliable memory foam mattress. There is great demand of such mattress from all over the globe.  This is the best type of new and advance technology made mattress that will let you experience the best healthy life and lifetime comfort of sleep.

The mattress types exist with a number of options. These options are enough to confuse any person for picking any single option. With such a diversified product range, there is great stress in the mind of people thinking about investing in a newer mattress model. With such a wide range, the scope of mattress knowledge had also expanded over a huge network.

It is important for every individual to be concerned about the mattress before resting upon it. The older models are a must to be changed or replaced with a brand-new model. The mattress versions are changing like software changes with each little feature. Coping with this healthy lifestyle, the mattress industry is also focusing on consumer needs. It is not possible that every type of mattress gives a pressure-relieving performance. It may be a certain model or type which is concerned for such a specific feature. So, it becomes important for you to have a go through with every type of mattress model.

Traditional innerspring mattress models

Being a traditional mattress, innerspring has remained famous for the past years. The spring present in such a model tries to concentrate on the weight. This weight rest upon some areas which make the situation even worse. With the uneven surface, the human may sink into it and wouldn’t even be comfortable for sleep. An innerspring mattress is not a suitable mattress for side sleepers.

Latex mattress for proper air flow

A latex mattress is the best example of enjoying a luxurious sleep. It is featuring a great number of properties which are likely to attract the maximum customers. It holds certain holes which maintain proper air flow to enhance the breathing environment. In terms of comfort, latex mattress shows a bouncing-back response but is not suitable for relieving pressure points.

Memory foam mattress with a comfort zone

Among the mattress varieties, memory foam is also extremely popular. It is recommended as a perfect technology if you experience shoulder pain when lying on side. It has the properties of relieving pressure points or sensitive body parts. The contouring ability is also highly advantageous for restful sleep.